Today a new consciousness is awakening in the heart of human beings everywhere on the earth. This change in consciousness, what we call supramental consciousness, bears the power/ability to transform our material world.

For almost twenty years a large research group investigating this topic has been active in Flanders (Belgium), the heart of Europe. We would like to share the results of this research in depth with a largest possible group of fellow searchers.

Even more!

We would like to enthuse people to become a member of our search that transcends the boundaries of language, religion and ideology. We are on the threshold of a revolution, a change that could be more profound and daring than Einstein’s theory of relativity, Descartes’ philosophical thinking or even Copernicus’ discovery of the earth being round.

Sri Aurobindo, one of the most important Indian philosophers of the 20th century has already spoken of this revolution, together with Mirra Alfassi. In addition we also find references to it in the diaries of Einstein, Reich, Krishnamurti and Bateson. Sri Aurobindo called this revolution the arrival of a ‘supramental consciousness’; a field of energy that can be entered when one dares to go beyond the limitations of the mental field.

The break-through of this ‘supramental consciousness’ does not mean the growth of a higher, spiritual entity, separated from the body and the worldly earth. Instead this transformation takes place just within the matter and the matter changes through consciousness. That is the objective of each transformation and it starts within the human body.

New insights and perspectives

This search is anything but theoretical or philosophical. It is very concrete and practical, as in a laboratory, descending down to the cells of the body. There lies, in the cellular consciousness, the possibility to break through to the new human being and to a new earth. Consciously descending into the cell consciousness amazingly enough leads the researcher to a new surprising view behind the scenes of the material world and the things happening in the world today. Learning to come home into our intuitive-physical consciousness, which Sri Aurobindo called the ‘supramental unity consciousness’, opens new insights and perspectives about the crisis in which the earth is now. It opens a dazzling but hopeful view on the arrival of the new human being and on a new sort of life on earth. This process is more amazing and more joyful than ever imagined by science or science fiction.

What we intend to do is stop and reflect what is happening to us as human beings when we consciously start to experience these supramental changes on a cellular level within our bodies. We also give a moment’s thought to how the supramental web brings along a decisive change in the evolution of the consciousness on earth.


The topics we have deepened during the last 20 years:

  • What is supramental, intuitive-physical unity consciousness?
  • Psycho-ecology, energetic constellations and the transformation of the earth
  • Cell transformation from the supramental tissue
  • Psycho-geometry, platonic shapes, the golden ratio and the alchemy of co-creation
  • New discoveries about heart coherence, the intelligence of the heart and the supramental energy
  • Our roots and old mythical tales (Atlantis, The Golden Fleece, The Ark of the Covenant  and The Holy Grail) and rituals in relation to the supramental energy
  • The medicine wheel as a signpost towards supramental consciousness
  • Contemporary/modern shamanism and the reality of the Little People
  • Transtemporal dimensions and the phenomenon of previous and further lifes
  • The GLOBE-model as an overall concept for the supramental approach